Friday, August 29, 2008

Dictatorship: Local and Express

Speaking of ugliness and school violence, on a related note this article asks: "Do School Uniforms Make Better Students?"

No, but they make better fascists.

"President Clinton championed uniforms as a way to keep schools orderly and disciplined."

Sure thing. No surprise here. Of course a communist must love stomping out individuality in the name of order and discipline.

But did nobody tell him that blowjobs are usually illegal in totalitarian states? The typical attitude of a moon bat power luster: Blowjobs for me, order and discipline for my peons.

"I enjoy it, actually," says Altuner, while conceding she's never known any other way. "If I didn't wear uniforms, I'd probably be stressing every morning (about what to wear) — with girls, it's always a competition."

Eradicating competition — another ancient moon bat aim. Of course, fashion is often ludicrous, and not always beautiful. The reason is that many people are irrational and follow mindless fads instead of defining beauty for themselves.

But making everybody equally ugly by forcing them into uniforms is not the answer. You might as well become a punk, rebelling against the concept of beauty itself.

More than 55 percent of public schools already enforce a strict dress code, according to federal statistics. Increasing concerns about gang activity, test scores and community perception all play into the decision to take the next step.

Of course, the time-tested way to fight amateur gangs is founding a gang of professional thugs.

The fascists themselves admit that much:

"Here they'll be part of the biggest gang around — the school gang," Jackson says.

Another fascist declares:

"…it's an opportunity for schools to create a positive culture. 'We're a part of something that is bigger than we are.' "

That's the root of the problem: The idea that there's anything bigger than the individual is the most lethal anti-concept those cavemen ever came up with. It's the cause of every war, every dictatorship, and every horror in human history.

Fascism, communism, collectivism, any ism is no positive culture. It's lethal. The two fascists running for president ought to take note.

This may be local, but the next stop sure is Hitler Youth. Or rather, McCain Youth or Osama Youth. Oops, Obama Youth.

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