Monday, December 21, 2009

Womb Raider: Legend Walkthrough, Level 1: San Francisco

Cut scene: Sarah gets a call from a law-abiding citizen that tells her that at a certain wedding chapel in San Francisco an illegal gay mass wedding is about to be perpetrated. McAllister flies her from Daft Manor to San Francisco. Shrub is airsick.

From Checkpoint 1, step forward to the front door of the wedding chapel. Interact with the door. It's locked. Shoot out the lock. Interact with the door again and Sarah kicks it open.

Enter the wedding chapel. Turn right and interact with the bronze reward in the vestibule to pick it up.

Enter the chapel proper. In the ensuing cut scene, Sarah reads the biblical riot act to the assembled homos.

Now be careful. The game is designed so that Sarah can't shoot the homos from the entrance or make it running down the aisle alive. Apparently, they're all with the Pink Pistols. At least that's what they pack (plus AKs and grenades), and they can make mincemeat of Sarah in seconds if she doesn't get out of the line of fire.

So jump to the first horizontal flagstaff either on the left or on the right wall. Swing along the wall from flagstaff to flagstaff. Jump to the altar and Checkpoint 2. Shoot the priest.

Take cover behind the stack of bibles on the altar. The homos' bullets cannot penetrate the bibles. Now you can gun them down at your leisure.

Pick up any health packs, grenades, AKs, and/or ammo the priest and the homos dropped. Grapple the rood, swing up to the ledge in the back. Grapple the A/C vent on the left. Duck in to pick up the silver reward.

Jump down. Interact with the stack of fake marriage licenses to set them on fire.

A short cut scene follows. Sarah spies something suspicious among the burning papers.

Roll forward, interact with the suspicious paper, jump back. This has to be done in quick succession, or Sarah will end up in the fire and burn to death.

Another cut scene: The paper turns out to be a piece of some document. The only intact words on it are: "Kenya Department of Health." Uh oh. That moment, a flashover sets the ceiling on fire. Seconds later, the roof near the front door collapses, barring that exit to Sarah.

Grapple the register in the floor. Drop down into the sewer whose fumes heat the homo chapel.

Proceed past Checkpoint 3 to the T intersection, shooting any sewer rats before they can bite Sarah. Turn left. Grab the ledge and pull up. Pick up the bronze reward.

Return to the intersection. Pass the branch to the chapel. Grapple swing across the main sewer. Turn around and grapple the bronze reward from the alcove on the other side.

Proceed along the side tunnel. Turn left into the second branch. Use the binoculars on the right wall. Shoot the crumbling section. Pick up the silver reward.

Return to the tunnel. Continue to the next main sewer. Jump in. In the cut scene, Sarah goes over a waterfall.

Swim ashore. Shoot the sewer rats on the ledge below the broken ladder. Grab the bottom iron spike. Swing up the iron spikes until you can jump to the lowest intact rung of the ladder. Shoot the rats above with the other hand.

Climb up the ladder. Shoot the manhole cover. Climb out into the basement to Checkpoint 4.

Grapple the vent under the stairs. Pick up the bronze reward.

Ascend the stairs to the waiting room of the abortion clinic. There's a phone on the deserted front desk. Don't touch it. The phone can be shot, but if that happens, the cops will come and shoot Sarah dead, and you'll have to revert to Checkpoint 4 and get the bronze reward again.

Shoot the mothers in the chairs in the head. Again, if you shoot them in the belly, a SWAT team will arrive and kill Sarah.

Shoot the medicine cabinet behind the desk (cabinet with Red Cross). Interact with the open cabinet to get the scalpel. Interact with the dead mothers to save the babies.

When Sarah has successfully performed the last Cesarean, bringing the gold reward into the world, a door in the back bursts open, releasing loads of nurses and doctors. If only one of them gets to the phone, Sarah's toast.

The nurses are unarmed, so you can shoot them at will. If you shoot a doctor, however, he will start throwing scalpels at Sarah. So you best use the AK to shoot the doctors, and try to target only one at a time. Once you kill the last nurse or doctor, Sarah climbs up to the roof, where McAllister picks her up with the helicopter.

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