Sunday, August 01, 2010

Fascinator = Something Died on Your Head

Why is it that if you want to visit the royal enclosure at Ascot (I guess that's where they keep the horse that rules Limeystan), females and males can get in with something that just died on their heads, but females not in a dress that doesn't give them a heatstroke and males not without a tie?

Well, my brain at least needs oxygen. That's what happens to you if you wear a tie long enough: You become a limey.

Fascinators… Apparently, people are fascinated by stupidity. I'm not. At least not the good way. Who wants to pick up something with the IQ of a peacock?

The fact that women would wear rags on their heads even if it doesn't rain that wouldn't protect them from the rain if it did rain and men annoying and potentially dangerous nooses of cloth round their necks just to appear to be paying homage to the significance of the event is disturbing. BTW, if they were really dressing for the significance of the event, they'd be covered in horse manure.

I do agree that royalty ought to be enclosed at all times, though. Best incarcerated along with all the other looters.

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