Monday, January 10, 2011

Louise May Slaughter Constitution, Republicans Not

Three would-be members of Congress were never sworn in yesterday, including National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions, which could have an impact on when the health care repeal bill is brought to the floor.

The Texas Republican is a member of the Rules Committee, which has been engrossed all day in debating how to bring the health-care repeal bill to the floor. Debate on the bill is supposed to begin tomorrow, and it is supposed to be voted on Wednesday.

But the news that Sessions — who participated in debate and votes today in committee — wasn't sworn in could throw a wrench into that timeline.

However, Ranking Member of the Rules Committee Louise Slaughter (D-NY) wasn't so sure the problem was fixed. Slaughter said that she was "anxious" about the process and did "not want to be in any risk on anything that could go against the Constitution." She told Dreier that the Committee should "recess and start over."

Hey, Louise, where was your respect for the Constitution when you voted for Obamacare?

No, wait, don't tell me, I know. You're keeping it in a Tic Tac box so you can draw it whenever it's politically expedient.

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