Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chris Ward Couldn't Make Money with Plates

Port Authority honcho Chris Ward couldn't make money if you sent him the printing plates in a gift box.

Developers of 1 World Trade Center have abruptly scratched plans for a Windows on the World-type restaurant on the top floors of the iconic, 1,776-foot-tall tower now rising downtown.

Plans for the eatery … were shelved due to concerns about design and construction costs and the difficulty of finding a restaurateur willing to run a likely money-losing operation, sources said.

"These things are always money-losers. We think we can achieve a far better financial return given the [quality of the] space and avoid all the complexities," Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward said.

The former owners of Tavern on the Green, the Strip House chain, and Windows on the World itself were among many restaurateurs who expressed interest in taking on a reborn Windows.

"In 2000, its final full year of operation, it reported revenues of US$37 million, making it the highest-grossing restaurant in the United States."

Windows on the World is a license for printing money. If you can't make money with that, it's a miracle you can find the way to your refrigerator to ward off death by starvation. Does your wife keep feeding you, Chrissy Snow-Ward?

The only loser here is you, Chrissy. You couldn't find your own ass with a map and GPS.

I expect your immediate resignation. The only reason you don't is that you'd starve, as you couldn't even run a hot dog stand.

" 'We do not build vanity projects at the top of tall buildings,' said PA Executive Director Chris Ward."

But you do build vanity projects next door to tall buildings, huh? Like that pointless mega-memorial Disneyland of Death?

" 'We are committed to finding the highest, best, and most practical use for this space — one that does not require subsidizing a restaurant with public money for years to come,' he said."

So what do you morons want to put there instead? Thanks to that coward Silverstein, there aren't going to be any offices at a decent height like that.

So what are you going to put onto those floors? More mechanical and communications equipment, like you wasted the other upper floors on?

I want my restaurant back, you government-funded imbeciles!

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