Thursday, July 21, 2011

CreateSpace 1, Lulu 0

From Lulu Press via Facebook:

Share the Savings on us through Aug. 15th with our forward to a friend discount, good for 15% off up to $100. Coupon Code: MYBOOK325 Tell your friends!

Sorry, not a deal I can recommend. For example, Mysterious Boat is $9.99 through CreateSpace at, but $13.99 at

The latter is already discounted from a whopping $19.99 list price. With the additional MYBOOK325 discount, that works out to $11.89. Still almost $2 more than through CreateSpace.

Why is Lulu so expensive? From the proofs I've seen, quality is about the same at CreateSpace. The royalties I get from CreateSpace are a bit lower, but not that much lower.

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