Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama Snatches Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Make my day and vote for Romney.

Why? Why should anyone care one way or the other?

"America is assured her independence, mankind's cause is won, and liberty is no longer homeless on earth." — Lafayette.

Don't let Obama undo this. Don't let him make liberty homeless on earth again. Don't let that socialist turn America into another European-style welfare state.

No honest person has anything to win from socialism.

Obama tells you he will take the money from the rich and give it to you. But the rich don't have that much money if you divide it among 300 million people. Particularly not if you first have to pay for multiple trillions of government waste.

You may think that you're not rich and that you'll get a share of the spoils.

But if your country goes down the road to socialism, if your government has bled the rich dry and killed the engine of productivity, your government will soon turn to you to confiscate your money to pay off those poorer than you.

Look at Greece. Look at Cuba. Look at North Korea.

Of course, socialism doesn't have to get that bad. Chances are that it will get stuck somewhere in the middle of the road.

Then you get a country like Germany, where you still have to pay the high taxes and comply with statist regulations, but find that your government — having killed off innovation and progress and having spent all the confiscated money on bureaucrats and wasteful projects that the free market rightly rejected as pointless — has no money to give you the freebies it promised.

And even that uneasy truce, that semi-socialism, where you pay and get nothing back, can only last if whatever productive people are left are altruistic enough to pay the high taxes to fund the waste. It seems to work, badly, in France, Germany, and Scandinavia.

It doesn't work in Greece. I doubt it will work in the US.

Look at their two respective deficits. Does it look like anybody is willing to pay for the welfare state?

Don't go there. It is not a nice place to be.

The only ones that profit from the welfare state are politicians, bureaucrats, and corrupt "businessmen." Look at Solyndra.

The needy are better off with private charity, even though that means they will have to say "please" and "thank you" when they want help, as they should, instead of demanding that the non-needy be their slaves by birthright. And no productive person has any use for a government that takes a dollar from him to give him fifty cents back.

No honest person has anything to win from the welfare state. Go for a standard to which honest men can repair.

"America is assured her independence, mankind's cause is won, and liberty is no longer homeless on earth."

Don't sell this for a handout you'll never get.

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