Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Eco-Terrorism Day!

In other words: Happy Earth Day, suckers. Ever heard, "Either you eat the bear or the bear eats you"? Well, either man shapes earth to serve his needs, or men become fertilizer for earth. Which one do you want?

Either you burn oil, or you burn food (ethanol, that is, grain). I hope you're proud of yourself the next time you put a starving Ethernopian's lunch in your tank.

Did I mention that it often (depending on what is done with byproducts) takes more than one gallon of oil to produce one gallon of ethanol? So by filling up on bio-fuel, you're not only driving up food prices, you may even be increasing oil consumption, too.

Wake up and smell the coffee. All you're doing is making Al Gore and the farmers rich.

Do you want your lunch to be guzzled up by Al Gore's motorcade? Do you want to have all your money robbed at gunpoint by eco-terrorist governments to fund harebrained schemes to profit their cronies? Schemes that do little or nothing to stop mostly nonexistent threats?

If there is something like global warming, and that is a big if, the solution is not to burn your food, or to make Al the Goron king. If the sea level rises, you build higher levees. If storms get stronger, you build houses from steel and concrete instead of wood and tarpaper. Did I mention that the latter are firetraps anyway?

If oil and coal run out one day, you research technologies that do at least have a chance of working, like fusion power, instead of Rube Goldberg stuff like wind, solar, or bio-fuel power, which cannot work efficiently or effectively by their very nature.

Happy Suicide Day, suckers. If you go back to living like tribal cavemen, you're gonna have the life expectancy of a caveman, too. All that keeps you alive is science, technology, and industry.

Science, technology, and industry don't need you. But you need science, technology, and industry. I suggest you keep that in mind the next time you feel like supporting eco-terrorism.

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