Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Et Tu, Comrade Al?

And this article completes today's holocaust hat trick. Speaking of concentration camps, the members of the band "Comrade Al and the True Believers" have taken to calling skeptical scientists "global warming deniers," along the lines of "holocaust deniers."

Well, who's the fascist here? Who proposes to use lethal force against individuals in the name of the "greater good"? If that global warming mania isn't stopped soon, aren't we gonna have death camps for people who produce too much carbon dioxide due to their above-average lung volume?

The real question regarding that global warming cult is: Who are true believers, and who are greedy, egotistic, power-hungry cynics manipulating the gullible? Well, I guess as with any religion, the true believers are in the rank and file. Those who write hate mail to skeptical scientists are probably white trash from some trailer park or other.

Comrade Al, on the other hand, doesn't seem to truly believe in what he preaches. If he were afraid the sky is falling, he would do more than buy "carbon offsets" for his mammoth "carbon footprint." If he truly believed the situation to be as bad as he preaches it to his flock, he'd live in a cave, hike from revival to revival, and still use all his money to plant trees to capture every last ounce of carbon dioxide he possibly can. Plus, true believers usually do not accept speaking fees for missionary work…

It's like any other religion. Look at the Evangelicals. The true believers are standing on street corners, waving Chick tracts all day long, living the ascetic lives their faith commands. Waving Chick tracts all day long, they don't have time for anything else. The famous televangelists usually are the hypocrites preaching fire and brimstone against free love, drugs, and gambling — while hiding ten mistresses, a prescription drug addiction, and a mountain of gambling debts.


Roger said...

wouldn't it be a little more balanced to have put links in to the real Chick tracts page? http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0006/0006_01.asp
Or would that compromise your reputation as a 'True Believer' ?

Alex said...

You mean to say the ones I linked to aren't for real? But they seemed to be much saner than what's on the "official" site... :P