Monday, July 21, 2008

Gore Way to Galway

Frog eater in chief Nicolas Sarkozy went to Ireland today, on a mission to export the liberal Al Gore way: Recount until I win. Apparently, that way's popular in liberal Frogistan, too.

Only, this time around it's re-vote on a re-referendum until the Bolshevik Brussels bureaucrats have a blank check attesting their ersatz legitimacy. Comrade Al must be proud of his frog and escargot disciples.

Not that anybody but a total moron could believe in democracy. How can a majority presume to force their will on others who don't even want to be part of the same "corporation"?

First the majority comes, makes laws, and steals your money by way of taxes. When you abide by these laws, and/or try to steal some of the money back by accepting government freebies, bang, you've just implicitly "signed" a "social contract" forcing you to obey any command the lemmings might decree.

Of course, anybody who refuses to "sign" the social contract, who disobeys the lemming laws, is a "criminal" or a "terrorist" who'll be jailed or murdered. Little wonder hardly anybody openly breaks that sham contract.

What's the result of letting the lemmings and morons vote and choose their own rulers? For every valid law, like against murder, there are hundreds of slave laws, including at least one that legalizes murder if committed by the government.

And guess who voted in favor of the EU takeover of Ireland? Irish farmers, lusting for agricultural subsidies and trade barriers. Yes, it's always whose ox is getting gored.

Yet, moronic or not, politicians in the democratic "free" world pretend to believe in democracy, in the tyranny of the majority. It must take Orwellian amounts of doublethink, Randian amounts of blank out, for voters and their elected rulers to cherish this charade. How can they possibly square their belief in democracy with politicians' habit of ordering recounts and re-referendums until the "right" (in the eyes of the liberal big-government "elite") option or candidate wins?

Democracy, meet reality check. QED.

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