Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hair of the Dog That Bit You?

So these people died trying to defend themselves against some religious fanatics that were hellbent on murdering some thousand innocent people to spread their faith. So what's the best idea the idiots that be can come up with to honor the heroes?

Doing the same thing the murderers did, of course: Initiating the use of force against innocent people.

"Government to Condemn Land for Flight 93 Memorial"

The park service defended its plans. "We had a group of people who took some very heroic actions. It's just fitting and right that we get this done in time for the 10th anniversary," said spokesman Phil Sheridan.

Real great idea, Einstein. Honor dead people (who are beyond being honored or disparaged anyway, as they are, well, dead) by forcing living people off their land.

How about protecting the lives of living people instead of obsessing over the dead? How about not acting like terrorists? But of course, if you didn't rule through terror, you wouldn't be a government.

And the fascists wonder why people hate the government. Go figure.

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Kushal said...

Haha, absolutely! These idiots spend millions of dollars "honoring" and commemorating dead people and ignore what's going on with living people.

Imagine what could be the point of all the fuss when the only thing they need to do to make things better is do nothing and let people take care of their own mess?