Monday, September 28, 2009

Krauts Getting Collective Head from Ass?

Wonders never cease. Yesterday, the krauts elected their new village idiot, and the libertarianish Free Democratic Party (try this for an oxymoron) walked away with 14.6 percent of the popular vote, the best result ever. True, they will have to govern together with the most popular party, the looters, fascists, and mystics of the Christian Democrats, who suckered 33.8 percent.

The left looters, however, split into the once powerful Socialist Democrat Party and the openly communist and loony Left party, remain in disarray. The Socialist Democrats have to deal with their worst performance in history, 23 percent. Thus, this mainstream populist looters' party is left just a few percentage points ahead of a "fringe, capitalists', rich people's" libertarianish party.

One wonders whether those stupid krauts finally managed to pull their collectivist, collective head out of their fucking ass and are beginning to understand that their national character, collectivism and socialism, is evil, or whether they were simply fed up with the concrete politics of the outgoing coalition government of looters left and right.

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