Monday, September 28, 2009

Interview with the Vampire, Frank Walter Steinmeier

Speaking of foreign ministers, the loser of the German election for village idiot, outgoing (in the bad sense) foreign minister Frank Walter Steinmeier, graciously granted Reason and Liberty Central an audience in the palace of the dictatorship of the people in Berlin, capital of fascism.

RLC: Given that emasculating election result, do you feel discriminated against? Do you think that the people voted you out on account of your name, Herr Swinemeier? Did you ever consider changing your name?

Steinmeier: Excuse me. My name isn't Swinemeier. It's Steinmeier.

RLC: Oh, you already changed it?

Steinmeier: No. I didn't change anything. I've never been called Swinemeier.

RLC: Really? Did you ever consider changing your name into Swinemeier? It might be good luck. The people might even elect you village idiot in four years.

Steinmeier: &?%$!*$$!!

RLC: That was really uncalled for, Herr Swinemeier. There's no need for such language. Though of course one can forgive a lot to a man whose own parents named him Wank Wanker.

Steinmeier: Gaaa!

The doctors' consensus is that Mr. Swinemeier may be released from his padded cell in time to run in the next election for village idiot, though he may have to keep wearing his straitjacket.

Reason and Liberty Central intends to interview more politicians.

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