Sunday, February 28, 2010

John Carter, Bob Parker, and Altruism Are Dumb

People who ignored Sunday's tsunami warnings and headed to the beach for a look are being described as dumb by the Civil Defense Minister.

John Carter says while New Zealand were lucky this time, that will not always be the case and people need to realize their stupidity is putting others at risk.

He says the message is simple, do not be stupid.

Carter says the fact is a tsunami is a serious event and people could die.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker agrees with Carter.

He says council staff watched some of the city's surveillance and traffic cameras in beachside areas when Sunday's alert was in place.

Parker says a number of people were clearly ignoring warnings.

He says as well as putting themselves at risk, they are placing our emergency services in danger also.

"I can't believe that kiwi loon stole my good name."

Nick Parker

It is only the evil anti-concept of altruism that puts rescuers at risk. Every individual has the unalienable right to risk his life and/or to commit suicide any which way he chooses. No one else has any duty to rescue him. No one else has any right to rescue him against his will. His life is his and his alone to keep or destroy.

Now the subhuman morons will go, "But surely, if you see some fellow human [insert some way how he could hurt himself], you'll jump him to rescue him."

No. I won't. If he's only harming himself, no one has any right to jump him in any way whatsoever.

Altruist rescuers, you are destroying the world by giving any mediocrity of a creep an excuse to initiate the use of force against anybody else. "It's for his own good. To save him from himself."

If someone wants to risk his life or commit suicide watching a tsunami, that's his problem, and only his problem.

If jackbooted rescuers are dumb enough to believe it's their duty to help others, even if those others put their own lives, and only their own lives, at risk, it's John Carter, Bob Parker, and the other jackbooted rescue thugs that are dumb.

If they believe they have the right to initiate the use of force against those who risk their own lives, "to save them from themselves," John Carter, Bob Parker, and the other jackbooted rescue thugs are criminal.

"The only real wisdom is knowing you know nothing." — Socrates.

What is the "stupidity" of someone who risks his life to watch a tsunami against the stupidity of a coward so ignorant that he it doesn't understand that someone else might value watching a tsunami highly enough to risk his life?

"Stop! If you try to commit suicide, I shoot you dead!"

Real great reasoning, piggy. The amount of stupidity it takes to become a pig is unimaginable.

What is the crime of watching a tsunami compared with the crime of being a pig? What is the danger of a fire compared with the danger of a government-run firehouse?

As for me, all I have to say to pigs and other "rescue" thugs is: Leave. Me. Alone.

If I decide to risk my life, I do not care to be rescued by the likes of you.

As for you, gentle reader: First they came for the tsunami watchers, and you did not fight back — because you were not a tsunami watcher.

Then they came for the BASE jumpers, and you did not fight back — because you were not a BASE jumper.

Then they came for the carnivores, and you did not fight back — because you were a vegetarian.

Then they came for you — and there was only Alex left to fight back, and he did not care to fight for you.

No government is your friend, ever.

Illegitimi non carborundum.

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Anonymous said...

So thugs from the government can get away with namecalling civilians in the media now, and bob parker calls for sovereign peoples to be arrested because they want to swim in the ocean which the government does not own, well where is the injured party? i ask? no crime commited by going to the beach. POlice state has arrived well & truly