Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Take That, Hopenchange!

You really are too damn dumb to get a hint, huh, Hopi?

People aren't frustrated with the pace of economic recovery. People are frustrated with you looting and aggressing against them.

The men and women who sent us here don't expect Washington to solve all their problems. But they do expect Washington to work for them, not against them. They want to know that their tax dollars are being spent wisely, not wasted, and that we're not going to leave our children a legacy of debt. They want to know that their voices aren't being drowned out by a sea of lobbyists and special interests and partisan bickering. They want business to be done here openly and honestly.

Then why have you been doing the diametrical opposite for the last two years?

"None of the challenges we face lend themselves to simple solutions or bumper-sticker slogans."

Yes, they do, every single one of them: Laissez faire.

"Nor are the answers found in any one particular philosophy or ideology."

Yes, they are.

"As I've said before, no person, no party, has a monopoly on wisdom."

But the Coke and the Pepsi parties have a pretty nice duopoly on stupidity.

You want an "honest and civil debate"? A civil debate with a thief, a slave driver, and a murderer? Any honest debate with a criminal like you cannot be civil.

Stop stealing other people's money. Stop forcing people to buy health insurance. Stop murdering people for defending themselves or smoking weed.

You and the state are not part of the solution. You are the problem. The only problem there is.

Go away. Get lost. Dissolve the government and get a job.

BTW, sayonara, Nancy Pelousy. Good riddance, bitch.

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