Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big Sister, You Asked for It!


Turns out big red sister is a greedy, exploitative, sweatshop operating intellectual slumlord. Arianna Huffington sold her red electronic rag to AOL for $315 million. Now her volunteer bloggers that believed they were working for brother love to advance socialism and not for big red sister's personal profit sue her, possibly under the commies' own Fair Labor Standards Act, which outlaws working for free, or for anything less than minimum wage.

Arianna, you asked for it!

"In my view, the Huffington Post's bloggers have essentially been turned into modern-day slaves on Arianna Huffington's plantation."

Could have told you so, comrades. If only you had enough sense in your empty heads to ask.

After graduation, she moved to London and lived with the journalist and broadcaster Bernard Levin, whom she had met while the two were panelists on the TV show Face the Music. In 1980, because of Levin's refusal to get married, she broke the relationship and moved to the United States. After Levin's death in 2004, she called him "the big love of my life, […] a mentor as a writer, and a role model as a thinker."

Any person that breaks up with their love because the latter refuses to be enslaved is less than scum. I hope you bleed her dry of the last red cent she's got within her.

"We are going to make Arianna Huffington a pariah in the progressive community," Tasini vowed. "No one will blog for her. She'll never [be invited to] speak. We will picket her home. We're going to make it clear that, until you do justice here, your life is going to be a living hell."

Don't worry, Arianna, you big red moon bat. You can always flip-flop back to being a big red state wing nut.

I hear Michelle Munchkin is still looking for interns. Unpaid interns, of course. And you've got to give her an apple a day.

If this ain't enough to be tickled pink, I don't know what is.

"Anybody blogging for the Huffington Post now is a scab," he says. "They're a strike breaker. They're producing content for somebody who is attacking workers."

Sorry, comrade, you make that sound very tempting, but I'm not gonna write for that rag, anyway.


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