Monday, May 09, 2011

The Simple Difference between Capitalism and Statism

Here's a good article on how retailers try to sell you pointless gadget insurance. (Note the missing hyphen. Pointless-gadget insurance is as true an interpretation as pointless gadget-insurance.)

That's a good example to illustrate the difference between private, capitalist enterprise and the state. Of course there'll always be borderline-ethical companies trying to bilk you like the state does. But the simple difference is that you can opt out of such fraud by simply not buying it. You cannot opt out of taxation.

As long as you're not forced to buy, you're dealing with a business, and all is well. As soon as an entity aggresses against you to force you to buy or do something, you're no longer dealing with a business but with a criminal / a state, no longer with capitalism, but with fascism.

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