Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And a Levee around Every City

Another good article from Wing Nut Central: "One Man, One Horse, One Acre, One Day — Turning Back the Agricultural Clock."

One of the organic farmers involved plans "to use horses full time and keep his costs down." I encountered this kind of "thinking" occasionally when I was an organic inspector. A few seemingly intelligent organic farmers actually think horses are more cost effective than diesel just because they eliminate a fuel bill. Wait until they start feeding those horses all year long, even when they're not working.

There are 20,000 man-hours of energy in a single barrel of oil, which even at its peak price never exceeded $160 US. Even if oil jumped to $300 a barrel, that works out to just a penny and a half per oil-powered man-hour.

In their single-minded effort to eschew fossil fuels, this CSA used four sailboats to deliver the wheat from the farms at one end of a lake to consumers (sorry, to the "community") at the other end; a 56-hour round trip for less than 225 bushels of wheat. (I guess they're lucky the harvest was a paltry 15 bushels an acre; abysmal even by organic standards.)

Instead of embracing basic, modern, mechanical technology, Canada's first organic grain CSA literally sailed its way into the history books; without doubt one of the most inane examples of modern-day Luddism; it's like they're playing a game of "farm."

Maybe these people don't think their time is worth anything, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most Canadians would rather leave food production and handling in the hands of people who are far more efficient. Even small organic grain farmers know that a standard super-B truck holds over 40 metric tons of wheat, more than 6½ times this CSA's entire harvest. One man, one truck, and only a fraction of a day.

Those bat-shit insane moon bat eco-terrorists indeed don't value their time. And they are so dumb that they don't realize the obvious:

Even if global warming did exist, were manmade, and could be stopped by going back to horse, buggy, sailboat, and cave…

Even if global warming did lead to melting icecaps and rising sea levels, even if global warming did lead to more extreme weather like an increasing frequency and force of storms

The productivity, the economic output, wasted by going back to horse, buggy, sailboat, and cave would buy a steel-framed building in every lot and a levee around every city, with plenty to spare for a decent standard of living. But no, those brain-dead moon bats want to go back to the mass starvation of pre-industrial times.

This kind of thing can hardly be explained by fears of global warming, air pollution, and a dependence on foreign oil. The only possible explanation is open hatred for the human mind, for its inventions, for progress per se. They can eschew the effort of thinking and inventing better agricultural technology and at the same time be perceived as cool by all the other reindeer moon bats.

How would Ayn Rand put it? Anti-reality, anti-reason, anti-man, anti-life. QED.

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