Monday, January 12, 2009

A Brain Cell in Every Hair?

Apparently, there's a brain cell in the root of every hair on a human head… In other words, The Donald went off the deep end — again. (Hilarity ensues.)

Imagine a multi-billion-dollar real estate tycoon pestering a reporter over some perceived slight… One should think he has bigger fish to fry.

And look at that URL: That BS was published under the "Trump University" imprint. Latest class: Being a Jerk 101, huh? Well, that I can teach you for free.

And look at that poor chick's resume — why the fuck would she want to fuck that up with an appearance on reality TV? Could anyone tell me what in that resume, in The Donald's opinion, is "very unimportant" in comparison with The Holy Show? Or what he smoked?

Better never do business with The Donald, or you'll never see the last of his clingy, insecure self. What was that with the Napoleon complex? Tiny self-confidence = huge ambition.

What The Trump Blog fails to deliver in business tips, it sure replaces in entertainment value. Again, take the time to read the lickspittle comments.

Here's the random winner I picked, "member1847017":

She didn't forget to acknowledge Mr. Trump. She wants evryone to think she got where she is today without any help from anyone.

If she was of good character and good intellegence she would have paid tribute to those who deserve it. One day the lack of courtesy will com back and bite her very hard in the ass. Mr. Trump would not have gotten to where he is if he failed to acknowledge the people that helped him get to where he is today.

If she really cares about The Donald, she'll buy him a toupee. Or at least get him a big brown bag. Or at the very least, a new dead cat.

Maybe I should do a PayPal donation drive? "A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage, and a toupee on every Donald"?

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