Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Facts in the Case of M. Polanski: Age of Consent Is for Wankers

Really, what government moron came up with that age of consent nonsense? Any which way you cut it, it's just plain unjust.

If you set the age of consent too low, children will be abused. If you set it too high, people that are in fact mature enough to have sex will have their lovers wrongfully punished just because of some idiotic legal fiction. No matter what age of consent you pick, it will always be wrong for most people, as every individual develops, well, individually.

In a reasonable country, whether a person is physically, mentally, and emotionally mature enough to have sex would be decided individually on a case by case basis. In fact, to avoid all those after the fact statutory rape trials, people should get examined before they have sex.

Like getting a driver's license. If examining people individually to make sure that they drive safely is worth the cost, then keeping innocent people from getting wrongfully imprisoned just because they fucked someone under an arbitrary age should be more than worth the cost of such a program?

Of course a license in shape of an ID would be awkward, particularly in a time when many people are still ashamed to talk about sex. "Hey, baby, can I see your ID? I wanna fuck you later tonight."

How about a tattoo instead of an ID? I bet teenagers would find that cool, and it saves the trouble of asking awkward questions. And if someone really hates sex, then they simply won't apply to get that tattoo, so they'll never be bothered by being hit on, as it's obvious that they either don't want to or aren't allowed to have sex.

Who said there aren't any meaningful rites of passage in our society? Here's one for you.

And what does that mean for Roman Polanski? Well, it's way too late to examine his alleged victim, but from the examinations that were made and from the testimony that was recorded we know that:

His alleged victim was sexually active before the incident.

She had been having her period before.

She was not physically injured by whatever he did/didn't do to/with her.

So on the count of statutory "rape," "pedophilia," or "child" abuse we'll have to give Polanski the benefit of the doubt, as his alleged victim was physically mature enough to have sex, and it is too late to examine her psyche now.

And as there is no evidence for rape except for the alleged victim's unsupported claims, the upshot of the whole thing is:

Roman Polanski is innocent.


myunsaidthoughts said...

I started reading your posts from the top down, and when I read the first one, I was thinking, "But you can't really have an age decided for the statutory rape law. It should be done on an individual basis! Just cause the girl feels sorry for having sex or wants to use it to her advantage, they shouldn't let a man get screwed for it."

And then I read your third post (or should I say, the first of the three you've written on the Polanski case.) :-)

That's it for the legal part. Now, let's talk individual preferences. What possibly could Polanski have wanted from that pre-teen girl on an emotional level? If nothing, then why waste your time wooing someone you don't want anythind to do with? Wouldn't you just get a hooker, use condoms, and call it a day?

I mean, I understand some people's need for a one-night stand, but seriously, is it worth going to jail for?

Alex said...

Hard to speculate with the facts available, but looking at his relationships Polanski simply likes younger women. And he probably thought he could get away with it. Her mother practically dumped her on his casting couch, so maybe he thought that's the reward for getting her into a magazine. One might think it was in fact a blackmailing scheme, and Polanski refused to pay up. That would explain why the "rape victim" defends him so much. She knows she entrapped him, but can't admit it without her mom and possibly herself going to jail. Polanski sure deserves an award for the sleaziest seduction techniques and maybe a month or two in jail for gross lack of judgment, as the DA originally recommended, but then the judge decided to throw the book at Polanski for publicity reasons, and now he's going to get extradited, tried, and sentenced in the middle of a moral panic about pedophilia.