Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Ed Hudgins Implosion

Or, no more hugging for Hudgins.

It's not a pretty picture when parables implode:

Health Care "Deeming" as Political Adultery

by Edward Hudgins

Let's imagine a woman who is getting pressure from some obnoxious sleazeball stud to cheat on her husband and commit adultery. She's tempted but, if caught, wants some excuse with which to placate her outraged husband so she can avoid a divorce. "Honest, honey, I didn't consent!" And let's imagine that the sleazeball wants to protect himself from a rape charge and probable beating by the husband.

So how could they do their deed and both cover their butts?

Perhaps, after sexy chit-chat over a few drinks in a bar, she says, "I'm really reluctant to do this." But they agree to go up to his place, ostensibly so she can help him hang his etchings or for some other lame-ass excuse that both know to be a lie. And she pretty much lets him have his way with her.

If later the husband finds out, she plays her "I told him 'No!' sort of" card. "I only agreed to drinks and to help decorate his walls!" When the husband sends the cops to haul the sleazeball off to jail, he argues that he "deemed" that she had consented and that what he did was perfectly legal. After all, he explains, she had the drinks with him and went up to his room to see his artwork, and they were just creating a fiction with which she might placate her husband. Of course, the two stories contradict one another. The police would probably rule this to be a case of adultery rather than rape and the slutty wife would face a divorce.

This is the scenario faced by Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Political sluts?

Ignoring the slap to politicians in general and Democrats in particular this hysterical screed is meant to be, let's look at the language and Hudgins' implicit values.

That impossible contract "marriage" is a good idea. Any attractive man is a "sleazeball." Any sexually healthy woman is a "slut."

And this Victorian hypocrisy is datelined March 19, 2010. More like 1910.

Scratch a conservative and you find some beta loser driven to fits of jealousy by and itching to initiate the use of force against anyone who so much as looks at the piece of property inventoried as his "wife." Assuming she's worth looking at in the first place. Some "Objectivist."

"A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity."

— Robert A. Heinlein

"The moral failing of the adulterers and the Democrats, among others, comes from attempts to be dishonest, to fake reality."

The moral failing of this so-called Objectivist comes from attempts to fake reality.

Fact of reality is that no one alone can fulfill all the emotional needs of any other person. Monoamory is impossible, and any attempt to uphold it is philosophical suicide.

And this is meant to be an outreach to reasonable, freedom-loving people? More like an outrage. Little wonder Hudgins gets along so well with the fundies at those tea parties.

Sayonara, Ed. I'm off your mailing list.

No Alex for you! Come back ten trillion years!

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