Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sayonara, Bill Gates

I just fired Bill Gates. Explorer crashed on me once too often, so I made Google Chrome my default browser. I'm already using Open Office, and my next computer will probably run Linux.

Microsoft? More like Maxicrap.

That's capitalism, Bill: You manufacture crap, you go out of business. You won't be able to survive forever on the peons too dumb to install better software.

In related news, friend Kushal joins Reason and Liberty Central in applauding Google's decision to finally resist the Chinese commies.

"I wonder why the state's political power didn't get overturned in the US despite a complete freedom to call President Bush a jackass even while he was in the office."

If only it had.

I'm not quite sure, though, if he thinks pornography is damaging, or if he's just quoting the commies.

Me, I have never been damaged by pornography. On the contrary, things often get damaged due to a lack of porn:


Kushal said...

Thanks for mentioning my post Alex. About porn, of course I was quoting the commies!

BTW, if you ever decide to run Linux, the entire technical support is on me! I'll put some money on my Skype account, and talk you to through the entire process if you don't already know it :)

Alex said...

Thanks, Kushal, I really appreciate it! :)