Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Take That, Fuehrer's Car!

EADS will not mount a solo bid for the US Air Force KC-X tanker program, ending the company's highest profile effort to grow its footprint in the US market.

EADS CEO Louis Gallois ruled out a solo bid a day after the Northrop Grumman-led team involving EADS and the Airbus A330 said it would not respond to the Pentagon's request for proposals (RFP), saying the tender favored the Boeing-offered KC-767.

Meantime, European political leaders are blasting the US for perceived protectionism on KC-X, saying the request for proposals favored rivals.

Although it had no direct involvement in the program, European Union's trade commissioner, Karel de Gucht, says that "it is highly regrettable that a major potential supplier would feel unable to bid for a contract of this type. Open procurement markets guarantee better competition and better value for money for the taxpayer."

How can paying tax money to nazis be a better value for the taxpayer? Daimler AG, proud to be the manufacturer of "the fuehrer's car," owns 22.41% of EADS.

Daimler should have been dissolved after World War II, and the ground sown with salt. And of course no one should buy the fuehrer's car.

The EU notes that defense trade balance has heavily favored the US. In 2008, the US exported $5 billion from EU members and imported only $2.2 billion.

WTF? About the only sector of the economy where the trade deficit isn't the other way round? The fuehrer will not be content until America is totally re-colonized. If African socialism is, "What's mine is mine — what's yours is ours," then European national socialism is, "Our markets are ours — and your markets are ours, too."

The European Union's message was echoed by Germany's economics minister Rainer Bruederle. The RFP clearly favored Boeing, he says, adding that "also in defense procurement, free trade should not be curtailed."

Look who's talking. That mendacious moron is a member of the kraut libertarian party. Apparently, their definition of liberty is along the lines of, "Your markets are free for us to take." On the other hand, they don't mind it at all if American capitalist corporations like Wal-Mart find it impossible to compete with the Euro Orren Boyles and their pull peddlers in their highly regulated markets.

The only thing those assclowns ever heard about free trade or any kind of freedom is, "Arbeit macht frei."

Shove your tailfin-losing plastic planes up your ass.

ALEX' GENERAL WARNING: Flying the Fuehrer's Planes May Result in Death.

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