Sunday, April 25, 2010

Looted into the Ground

First nanny state prohibits airlines and passengers from deciding for themselves whether they want to take the marginal risk of flying through an ash cloud that exists mostly in the same computers used to dramatize "global warming." Politicians like to be seen doing something, and initiating the use of force against disarmed victims "to protect them from themselves" looks like a pretty safe option to those bastards.

Now, nanny state forces airlines to pick up the tab for nanny state's crime. European airlines will have to reimburse stranded passengers for their hotel costs.

(This should be good news for American airlines, which through cutthroat competition had made themselves vulnerable to being taken over by their European rivals, US looters' permission pending. Now their European rivals will have to give any available funds to grounded peons.)

Of course, there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Now that airlines know that they will be grounded when politicians feel like posturing and will be expected to pick up the tab, they will have to figure the costs of volcano eruptions and mad cow politicians into their fares.

So it's bye-bye to cheap airfares for European peons. Now they'll be forced to buy volcano/politician/hotel insurance with every ticket.

You cannot decide whether you want to risk flying through some wispy ash veil. And you cannot decide whether you want to buy hotel cost insurance in case the jackbooted thugs ground you in case of the former.

Big brother nanny state makes sure you spend the commission allowed to you for taxes paid exactly the way those nitwits believe wise. Big brother nanny state rules!

So what can you do while you're waiting for the capitalist world revolution? Take a train or take a car…

Puts you out of reach of the jackbooted airport thugs, too.

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