Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's 96 Polacks in a Plane Crash?

(Hi, PC pigs — look at my last name: Part of my family comes from Poland or thereabouts, so I'm entitled to tell Polack jokes.)

Question: What's 96 polish government offal officials in a plane crash?

Answer: A waste of space. That plane would have seated up to 184.

Alternative answer: A good beginning.

Or, as Shakespeare would have put it, "First, kill all the lawmakers and law enforcers."

This would be a chance for Poles to start over and elect a better government. However, as it's still a democracy, where every moronic moon bat and wing nut has an equal vote, they'll just fall for the empty promises of another populist liar or fascist.

You say, de mortuis nihil nisi bene? Sure, be a good subject.

Time to introduce capitalism. In a corporation, votes are based on shares owned, i.e. at least to some degree on merit.

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