Thursday, October 07, 2010

Terrorists and Liars, Too

No Pressure was made with minimal carbon emissions — shot wholly within the M25, the crew got around on public transport and in low-carbon hybrid vehicles (thanks to Green Tomatoes and National Express) and the production had a zero flight policy.

How then did they get Gillian Anderson to the set, or the set to Gillian Anderson, Anderson being American?

Was Anderson in the UK anyway and they make believe for that reason her flight doesn't count?

Would that be a zero flight policy? Well, only in the sense of All Gore's carbon offsets.

Or did she take the Queen Mary 2? Or a private yacht?

And how environmentally friendly are those luxury modes of transportation? (That better was a sailing yacht.) I love the smell of bunker C in the morning…

(As the quoted page has since been taken down, I cannot prove who of the terrorist hippie bitches made that statement, so I re-titled the post.)


Being informed by an anonymous operative that Gillian Anderson moved to the UK — hey, wait. I covered that above.

So her flight to the UK was a little longer ago. But on the other hand, she probably flies across the Atlantic regularly to visit friends and family.

"We had a zero flight policy, but our star is a frequent flyer. "

"OK, folks, terror spot's in the can, get me to the airport!"

I'm not even mentioning Franny's blueberries.

Make that terrorists and hypocrites.

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Anonymous said...

Er.. while I'm fairly certain that gillian anderson must take a plane now and then, she actually LIVES in the UK.