Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Do to Remember

Make no mistake, I don't like that man. But I have got to hand it to Blagojevich, he has got great hair.

"I think he felt a certain kind of immunity," Ambers said. "It's part of the grandiosity — 'They are not going to be able to punish me because I'm above the law, I'm smarter, I will outfox them.' "

Not so. It's more like a Dogbertian "I'm so cute, no jury will convict me" thing.

If Blagojevich gets acquitted, it'll be on account of his hair. If he gets convicted, it'll be in spite of his hair. If The Donald had done what Blago is being accused of, he'd already be on death row by now.

Then, of course, charity begins at home, so when Blago pays one last wistful visit to the State of Illinois Center, he may want to try being a good neighbor, walk over to the new Trump Tower, and if its owner's in, donate some locks. Sharing will no doubt ease his conscience and make him feel better.

It's a win-win situation. And it sure beats that dead cat.

In other words:

There once was a man from Chicago:
We'll not name him, just call him Blago.
Thought: I'll just play the machine —
It's an easy crime routine:
The voter's as dumb as a Dago!

Thought: My hair is my greatest asset;
If caught in office, on I'll pass it.
A jury may get picked,
But it will not convict,
For I am as cute as a basset!

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