Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Two Klansmen and One Hypocrisy

The latest from Xenophobia Wing Nut Central:

"H1B Visa Holder Attempted Fannie Mae Sabotage — Where's the Outrage?"

Well, Klux-boy, there is none. Why should there be any? (BTW, where's your funny hood?)

A citizen of India, Rajendrasinh B. Makwana [,] attempted to sabotage the computer database at Fannie Mae. He was, according to news reports, employed as a so-called temporary foreign worker who had been authorized to work in the United States temporarily under the provisions of the H1B visa that had been issued to him.

"But there is no way of knowing much about any of these folks, and that immediately becomes a homeland-security issue."

Hey, you red-blooded — but not so red-skinned — American, does the word "punctuation" mean anything to you? (Omitting that comma only makes sense if you're fascist enough to imply it was his Indian citizenship that drove that guy to mess with the data.) I bet the average Indian (both the Oriental and the Native American variety) knows more about grammar than you.

But I digress. At least now I get your point, General Forrest.

Of course there are no criminals in America. All crimes are committed by immigrants, particularly by those who come from countries where most people aren't as white as you and your robe. Of course any native-born American can be trusted implicitly, and in the unlikely event he can't, the CIA got files on every American, so an instant background check is a snap, right?

"…my head felt as though it was going to explode!"

Why don't you wear your funny hood then? You don't want to spoil the furniture with your red American blood (not that there would be any cerebral matter), do you?

"I have yet another reason not to go to sleep this evening."

Right. You have to go find your funny hood.

"In reality, people who process our food are working in an industry that has major national security implications. Imagine how much damage a terrorist or a group of terrorists could do by poisoning food that is distributed around the United States to thousands, if not millions, of people."

Was that before or after the Jews poisoned your wells?

And right there on that junk site there's an ad that reads "conservative and right." Reading this article, it looks like the only combination there is is "conservative and dumb."

"No company that receives taxpayer bailout money should be able to hire foreign workers unless they can truly prove that there are no Americans who can do those jobs."

America for the Americans. Did the thought ever enter your lone brain cell that a job ought to go to the person best qualified, not to the person who happened to be born in a certain spot on the globe by accident?

Where did your ancestors come from, Klux-boy? Did they come across the Bering Strait, on the Mayflower, or even later? Mankind originated in Africa, and every human being who isn't an African living in Africa is an immigrant or a child of immigrants.

Ever heard:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

Given the fact that America was built by immigrants, your article is as un-American as it gets. The fact that any immigrants are still coming in spite of fascists like you is a compliment to the things that are good in America.

This toilet paper of an article is collectivism at its ugliest. Burned a cross lately?


Anonymous said...

Wow, either he's one of the dumbest guys to ever get promoted to the "Contributing Editor's" position -- in which case, it makes me want to come to America even more; I mean, if he can become a contributing editor, I can bloody become the President or something -- or one hell of an evil son-of-a-bitch around.

What a dumb question: is there seriously no American who could do that job?

Does he expect the HR manager at Fannie Mae to go around the whole of US to find an "American" rather than just go through the applications he receives and decide what's best for him?

Anonymous said...

Oh, one last observation. This guy sounded awfully similar to a lot of racist jackasses in India.

You know, most Indians try to use cases of "apparent" moral depravity -- alcoholism, teen pregnancy, live-in relationships, etc. -- to point out how screwed up American culture is, and to justify to themselves here why India is a much better place for them to live.

Such people are one of the prime reasons why I want to get away from here.

Alex said...

"Does he expect the HR manager at Fannie Mae to go around the whole of US to find an 'American' rather than just go through the applications he receives and decide what's best for him?"

I'm afraid your irony would be lost on him: What you wrote is exactly what he expects employers to do for the sake of their collective. He does expect them to go those thousands of extra miles all around the country to find a member of their tribe for the job.

The best, or rather, worst part is that according to the byline, that clown used to be an immigration inspector. Talk about setting a fox to keep the geese.

And yes, badasses are desperately needed in America, like in all other countries.