Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sheriff Grayson Rides Again

Authorities in the South Carolina county where Michael Phelps was photographed smoking from a marijuana pipe have been arresting people…

[Defense attorney] McCulloch said [:] "It seems to me that Richland County has a host of its own crime problems much more serious than a kid featured in a photograph with a bong in his hand."

[Sheriff] Lott has said Phelps should not get a break because of his fame. [Defense attorney] Harpootlian said that he believes police are being overzealous.

"I find it amazing the justification is they don't want to treat him any differently just because he is a celebrity, and he is being treated far differently than any other Joe Blow who might have smoked marijuana four or five months ago."

Apparently, the South Carolina "justice" system was accurately portrayed in There's Something About Mary?

Actually, life is stranger than fiction here, as the jackbooted thugs in There's Something About Mary were investigating a real murder, and not just some cottaging, as Ted thought. But in real life South Carolina, that murderous hitchhiker would have gotten away scot-free, as real life cops there are busy prosecuting victimless crimes.

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