Sunday, March 29, 2009


The times, they are changing: With global warming theory ever more discredited by the day and the lack of sunspots threatening to bring about a new ice age, even liberal Hollywood is changing its tune:

Universal Pictures proudly presents Kevin Costner's new prophetic picture: Dryworld.

Starring Kevin Costner as the Nomad, a lone maverick with humps and camel toe who roams the endless deserts of earth after the complete freezing of its oceans into glaciers and polar icecaps due to runaway global cooling. Wending his way between the few remaining freshwater oases, he must lead his small band of starving misfits to the last body of seawater, the mythical Wetland of the Mariana Trench, where fishing is still possible.

Latest news: The movie's budget passed the billion-dollar mark this week.


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Thanks, glad to be entertaining. How would Charlie Chaplin have put it? "A day without rolling on the floor laughing is a lost day."