Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Irony! The Irony!

When Bill Ayers was allegedly killing pigs, wing nuts didn't like it. Now he cooperates with the fuzz — and the wing nuts don't like that either! Can't please wing nuts.

The wing nuts' headline: "Cowardly Bill Ayers Seeks Police Protection." So remember, lads and lassies: If you call the cops, you're a coward, in the eyes of the wing nuts.

Well, now, what is it that the wing nuts would want Ayers to do? Would they like it if he once more "took the law into his own hands"? I don't think so.

Some call Ayers a freedom fighter, others call him a terrorist. Relativists say one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist. Objectively speaking, a freedom fighter fights to overthrow the system to replace it with a freer system; a terrorist fights to overthrow the system to replace it with a more oppressive system.

Apparently, Ayers was an anarchist and a communist. He was fighting an oppressive, fascist system, to replace it with a communist system that would in the end have become at least as oppressive. So talk about a mixed bag.

Quoth the mystic, "Only in America can an admitted Anarchist, terrorist bomber, Socialist and communist sympathizer become one of the nation's foremost educational leaders in curriculum development, from pre-school to post graduate, to teaching teachers."

And that's one of the things, one of the few things left, that are great about America. For the fascists that don't remember, it's called free speech.

What's wrong with Ayers being an educator? There's certainly a lot to be learned from anarchists, and even from communists — from the latter, at least, how not to do it.

What is much more ironic than Ayers' behavior is that of the wing nut fundie that started all that fuss at the lecture. No, I'm not even talking about his apologizing to the pigs that arrested him.

But think about it, apologizing to jackbooted thugs that use force against you — what an idea — even if you provoked them a tiny little bit. Certainly, a system that responds with potentially lethal force to hardly any provocation or threat at all needs to be overthrown, or at the very least, changed?

I won't dwell on that too long, scary as it may be: A wing nut getting himself arrested by a jackbooted government thug for defending said government, said "republic" of "goddamn rights" (if I caught the mystic right). I mean, does that mystic totally lack a brain? If I defend a man, a group, or a system, and that man, group, or system arrests me in return, that's the last day I defended that entity. Apparently, if you believe in invisible friends, you also lick the boot that kicks you. If that doesn't teach him, even Bill Ayers won't be able to educate him.

What is, however, much more ironic than both Ayers and that fundie using the power of the man for their respective ends is the fundie's choice of books: Atlas Shrugged — and the goddamn bible! Hey, fundies, Atlas Shrugged is a fucking atheist book!

Didn't Marx say something about capitalism breeding its own undoing? Well, at the moment it looks like mysticism is breeding its own undoing. Anyway, thanks, dear mystic, for crossing the aisle to promote an atheist novel along with your bible and even getting arrested by the man for it!

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