Monday, March 30, 2009

What to Do against School Shootings

Still, there is one thing you can do against school shootings: You can teach children nonviolence, or rather, nonaggression. Problem is, you are hypocrites and kids can smell the stink of a phony ten miles against the wind.

You can't be a beacon if your light don't shine

How can you ask for the truth
When you do not truthful live

How can you ask a child to be honest and true
When he can only judge what's right by what he sees in you
How can you offer vision, yet walk around blind
No, you can't be a beacon if your light don't shine

— Donna Fargo

An average parent does infinitely more harm to a kid than the "worst" video game. If you want kids to be nonviolent, you have to stop initiating the use of force against them. What do you expect them to learn if you initiate the use of force against them for having sex, for smoking weed, for not wanting to go to school?

Of course there are some rules that are necessary and need to be enforced, like rules against murder or (non-statutory, real) rape. But 99.99% of all rules, laws, and regulations are pointless and only tools for wing nuts and moon bats to force respectively their "morality" of death and their political correctness on their disarmed victims. What do you expect kids to learn if at every corner force is used against them for no good reason whatsoever?

You say you have to force kids for their own good? Then I'm afraid every now and then one of those lovely pressure cookers you call home will go off with a big bang, as it must. In that case, I can only hope your teachers and security guards are well-armed and ready for battle.

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