Thursday, October 09, 2008

Apex of Moronia: Newark, Ohio

(History will mark this as the point where Alex lost respect for all mankind.)

"Teen Charged for Sending Nude Phone Photos"

Authorities considering charges for students who received photos

If this goes on, I fear for the continued existence of the US of A.

Some lessons for the christo-fascists:

A fifteen-year-old is not a child. (People treating the sexuality of sexually mature teenagers as pedophilia have no business whatsoever looking down on Islamic extremists stoning women.)

Victim and criminal cannot be the same person. (If she's too young to agree to produce porn, then she's too young to be held responsible as well, you morons.)

Receiving something against one's will cannot be a crime. (If someone emails the moron in chief teen porn, will he be impeached?)

What's next?

Will masturbating teens be charged with statutory rape?

Will people who commit suicide be charged with murder?

If a thief forces me to take a stolen dollar bill from him, will I be prosecuted as a fence?

In any event, the title of Apex of Moronia has now officially passed from Arkansas to Newark, Ohio. Obviously, the IQs of those fucktards holding the august offices of pigs and prosecutors in that shit hole of a town, and those of the cavepersons that elected them, never ever reach room temperature.

Then maybe, the pigs and prosecutors in question are cowards, not morons? Maybe they did not want to do that to the kid, but felt the law left them no choice?

That neatly refutes "rule of law, not of men." Laws can only be very general guidelines that will never be applicable literally to any one case.

Those tasked with enforcing the law need common sense and the leeway to act on it. As I said before, "What is needed is not so much objective laws as objective people…"

Then I was talking about corrupt lawmen ignoring good laws. This is the diametrical opposite, potentially good lawmen not being free to waive bad laws.

In any event, laws, good or bad, can never replace reason. There are more than enough of the former, in Jesusland and everywhere else, but the latter is in woefully short supply, particularly in Dumbfuckistan.

I thought only people from the wrong side of the Mason-Dixon Line sleep with their sisters. But what else but centuries of indiscriminate incest can be responsible for the raging moronia in Jerkwater, Shitsforbrainsylvania, pardon, Newark, Ohio?

In one word, this is disgusting. At the moment, I'm even ashamed of being a fan of country music.

Time for whatever reasonable individuals are left in the US to secede from Dumbfuckistan? And no, the rednecks don't get to keep the nukes, no way.

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