Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Boss Day, Assclowns!

Happy Another Hallmark Holiday! With this one, the clowns at Hallmark hit the jackpot, didn't they? Not a brownnoser in the world who won't become their customer tomorrow.

According to everybody's favorite joke of an encyclopedia, this "holiday" is about "Thanking workplace superiors for being kind and fair throughout the year." But in capitalism — voluntary cooperation to mutual advantage — being kind and fair is the responsibility of every boss and merits no special gratitude.

Any boss who fails to recognize that does not deserve the title "boss," is only grist for the mill of socialists (like Commissar Day is any better), and ought to be treated like the assclown from Nine to Five.

Instead of giving your boss a card or even a gift, give him or her a report card stating how well he or she fulfilled his or her responsibility of being kind and fair this past year.

But don't blame me if that gets you fired or stalls your career. Well, unless you're morbidly risk-averse, a born brownnoser, or working for an exceptional company, you're better off as an independent contractor anyways.

Sock it to the man, buster.


Anonymous said...
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Alex said...

Comment deleted because the site linked in it tried to install something fishy, according to another user.

This may be the capitalist blog you love to hate and hate to love, but it is not the blog you hate because it gave you a virus.

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