Sunday, October 12, 2008

Meet Sarah Palin, the Thief

Speaking of corrupt fundie-publicans, Sarah Palin, the moron, stole $13,000 from taxpayers to go and spread her religion. How does that bode for the separation of church and state under Maverick/Moron?

The real perversion is that corporate executives go to jail for embezzling so much as information from their shareholders. It's called insider trading.

Now, other than in government, in business it isn't wrong to take such perks. If a shareholder disagrees with these perks, he or she can always get out. Did you ever try to get out from under your government?

Both in a corporation and under a government, you can elect new executives. But with just two parties and political machines being political machines, chances are the next government executive will be just another crook.

Moreover, a government has the power to take more money from you by force once it has wasted the money it originally took from you. A corporation has no power to take any more money from you above and beyond your initial investment.

As for your initial investment, you can sell your stock (maybe at a loss). To get out from under your government, you have to sell all of your property in the state (maybe at a loss) and physically move out of state.

On the federal or national levels it's even worse, as all land is claimed by some government and no other government may be willing to accept you. It may be very hard to get a visa to move to another country.

And of course you can't secede and set up a new country. That would be treason or terrorism or worse, wouldn't it?

The problem is that governments arrogate themselves a territory where they claim a monopoly on the legal use of force. That's what makes them more dangerous than corporations.

That's why insider traders should not go to jail, but Sarah Palin should. And why in the future everything should be done by corporations, and nothing by government.

"Even the most precious functions of government — say, collecting taxes or hanging men — would be better done if the doing of them were farmed out to Ford." — H.L. Mencken

Now, Mencken was wrong about the first part. If a corporation is permitted to collect taxes, it becomes a government. But he was dead right on the latter part.

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