Sunday, April 26, 2009

No More Fun with Fundies

I unsubscribed from the Fundie Security-blanket Morons' spam list. I can't believe I had to physically do it myself.

You'd think they'd get a hint, with all those snarky captions I sent them for their stupid propaganda contests. But then they probably harvested my email off a CC list — what can you expect from folks like those?

Well, I was getting bored dissecting always the same old fascist shit. Besides, those fascists are so revolting, they damn near made me a liberal, and I don't want to be a liberal.

Liberals are just as dumb as fascists. Just that they worship the "working " class, the international community, and other mobs, instead of god, tradition, race, and country.

Well, maybe they'll kill each other off… But then we reasonable people would get caught in the cross fire. Just like in World War II.

Anyway, it would sooner or later have given me stomach ulcers. Plus, as Friedrich Nietzsche and Ayn Rand had it, "It is not my function to be a flyswatter."

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