Monday, April 13, 2009

Oink, Oink, Oink

Wings nuts just love locking up weed smokers and throwing the key away. Hell, execute them all!

"Sen. Webb embraces a long-held liberal belief that, because the U.S. has the world's highest incarceration rate, this automatically makes it evil."

Guess what? He's right.

Perhaps the most important factor in higher prison rates is that the U.S. has some of the most sophisticated, well-trained and relatively corruption-free police forces on Earth. The pay, training, standards and efficiency of American police agencies are the envy of the world. U.S. law enforcement has the ability to detect and solve more crimes than most other countries, so it only stands to reason that more law violators are arrested, convicted and sent to prison.

The fact that American pigs bust more weed smokers than other pigs only means that the pigs must be stopped before they incarcerate everyone, as they logically must in the end, as the fundie "there ought to be a law" attitude has made it just about impossible to live without breaking the law.

The vast majority of Americans firmly believe that if someone commits a crime, regardless if violence is involved or not, he needs to be punished for it. What is so hard to understand about that?

If the vast majority of Americans believe they can criminalize weed, that only proves they're too stupid to be part of a democracy and have no business making laws or electing lawmakers. What is so hard to understand about that?

"I suppose Bernie Madoff should escape prison because he didn't kill anybody."

Trying to fight a straw man by conflating victimless crime with fraud. Nice try, buster, but not everyone is as stupid as you.

"Do the crime, do the time. It's an American cultural thing, Sen. Webb."

And murdering Jews was a German cultural thing. Did that make it right, moron?

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