Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fascists Are at It Again

"Ike Holdouts Told to Leave Ravaged Area — or Else"

The few hundred holdouts on Texas' ravaged Bolivar Peninsula will be required to leave in the next few days, and officials said Tuesday they are ready to use emergency powers to empty the barrier island scraped clean by Hurricane Ike.

The threat came as the death toll in the Houston area rose by six, bringing the number of people killed in Texas to 17. The new deaths, all after Ike made landfall, were tied to carbon monoxide poisoning, a home fire and falling tree limbs. Ike has claimed 47 lives in 10 states as it spread inland.

In the Bolivar incident, Judge Jim Yarbrough, the top elected official in Galveston County, said the roughly 250 people who defied warnings they would be killed if they rode out the storm in the rural coastal community are a "hardy bunch" and there are some "old timers who aren't going to want to leave."

The Texas attorney general's office is looking into the legal options available to force the remaining residents leave, Yarbrough said. Local authorities are prepared to do whatever it takes to get residents to a safer place.

"I don't want to do it," he said. "I'm doing it because it's in their best interests."

I'm not a guy who goes, "I told you so," but I told you so.

Hey, if they resist arrest, why don't we shoot them dead "for their own good"? Will teach them bastardly individuals a lesson to never disobey the authority of the fuehrer, uh, the collective, uh, the police, uh, the people, uh, whoever.

I mean, what is that Yarbrough clown thinking? Nothing, probably.

Not one thought in his whole life. That's the way you do it, that's the way you get elected.

The sheer horror.

Hey, why doesn't some freedom-loving individual in Yarbrough's neck of the woods try and get elected to office and then force Judge Jim to do something he thinks is for Jimmy-boy's own good?

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