Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Public Health? You're Insane.

If the fascists try and force the heroes of the Bolivar Peninsula from their homes, it looks like their stratagem, their commerce clause, their — literally — dirty trick will be an argument from "public health."

The sliver of land is just too damaged for residents to stay there, and the population must be cleared so that recovery can begin, officials said. With no gas, no power and no running water, there is also concern about spread of disease.

So what if diseases like cholera spread from contaminated water? Those who are afraid of catching cholera are free to leave the peninsula voluntarily. Those who stay because they don't care whether they catch cholera endanger nobody but themselves.

And don't try and tell me that the shit of 250 people is enough to trickle down to some aquifer. By that "logic," shitting in national parks would have to be illegal, too.

The only valid public health issue is somebody infected with a contagious disease that can be spread from person to person running around in public. Only against such a person, who negligently endangers others' health and life, force may be used.

Forcing the heroes of the Bolivar Peninsula from the ruins of their homes is as legitimate a public health issue as incarcerating everybody who's infected with HIV. Mind you, I'm not trying to legitimize incarcerating anybody infected with HIV, unless he or she has unprotected sex with someone in the dark about their condition. I'm showing you how insane the "public health" argument in the Bolivar case is.

If Judge Yarbrough is worried that the people out on the Bolivar Peninsula have no safe drinking water, he should get his fat, bureaucratic ass moving, load his car (no doubt paid for by tax money) with water bottles, and drive out to said peninsula.

The only public health that is in question is the mental health of those government clowns that dare to resort to such sophistry.

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