Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Terrorists 1,380,000, America 0

No, today I don't want to talk about the government morons' failure to rebuild the World Trade Center seven years and counting. No, I'm not talking about the failure to complete that useless mega-memorial in time for some arbitrary anniversary, either.

(When people are dead, there's nothing you can do for or against them anymore. That's why everything humanly possible should be done to prevent innocent people from dying. Anybody who advocates wasting money on memorials to "honor" the dead ought to have their head examined. Whether a memorial may make people remember the past so they don't have to repeat it is another story, but today's politically correct memorials couldn't deliver in that respect anyway.)

What I want to talk about today is how you — yes, you there in front of your PC — are Bin Laden's best propaganda tool.

Now, 1,380,000 — that's the number of results you get for a Google search for "September 11 attacks." I didn't even want to try and search for "ground zero" or "9/11" because it would be hard to tell how many hits would refer to the terrorist attacks and how many to the legitimate meanings.

Every time you liken the World Trade Center site to a nuclear wasteland by calling it "ground zero," you make it a little less likely that someone will sign a lease for rebuilt WTC towers. Every time you do it, you help the terrorists make sure that what they destroyed stays destroyed. I hope you're proud of yourself.

Every time you refer to the World Trade Center site as "ground zero," you might as well send Bin Laden a dollar. Every time you refer to the destruction of the World Trade Center as "9/11," you set aside a day for Bin Laden, help entrench a terrorist holiday the magnitude of the Fourth of July.

Sure, casually referring to the WTC as "ground zero" may be cool. But so is shooting somebody in the face just to see him die. Dou you really believe either is a good idea?

Sure, "the terrorist attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon" means investing a little more breath than "9/11." But if you advocate airport "security," spending money extorted from taxpayers on the war on terrorism, and maybe reinstating the draft, you should be glad you can make such a tiny little contribution of your own.

It would be funny if it weren't so sad. You people elect fascist governments because they promise they'll protect us, their slaves, from terrorists. You don't mind being herded through airports like cattle in a Chinese fire drill charade of "security." (Despite the concentration camp style "security," folks keep wandering onto planes with guns they forgot to check.)

Dishonorable mention for the PC among you, who won't use any words that might offend anyone, but don't mind aping terrorist propaganda.

Apparently, seven billion "human" beings don't have more than two brain cells between them. (Present company excepted.) If you wish to consider yourself a human being, don't ever again use the words "ground zero" in any other context than that of an exploding nuke and "9/11" in any other context than that of one of 365 days in the year.

Otherwise, go and celebrate your terrorist holiday. You've been a lousy audience. :P

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