Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Is Lesser Evil

A mandatory evacuation order was in place, but there were no signs anyone was being forcibly removed.

"We're not going to drag them out of there and handcuff them," Davison said. "They've made their decision."

Wow, fascists being generous. Well, to answer that, what's the appropriate saying? Too little, too late.

The very idea of dragging someone from his own land "for his own good" turns my stomach. Anyone who even just entertains a monstrous idea like that disqualifies himself as a human being and should hand in his application for the gestapo.

Hey, if they resist arrest, why don't we shoot them dead "for their own good"? Will teach them bastardly individuals a lesson to never disobey the authority of the fuehrer, uh, the collective, uh, the police, uh, the people, uh, whoever.

As for those fascists handing out markers to scare heroes, asking them to write their social security numbers on their arms for identification purposes, my knee-jerk advice would be to hurl the marker right in the face of that jackbooted thug. But come to think of it, that would be exactly what they want: an excuse to arrest you.

The best course of action is to write on your arm, instead of your name or number, "Fuck you, fascists!" Best worn with something short-sleeved.

This, by the way, is one of the situations where it's good to have no family for whose sake you'd want to be identified. Why make work easy for those Quincy wannabes?

When you're dead you're dead. An unmarked grave is as good as any other grave.

At By George Automotive repair shop, owner George Elizondo and others in Freeport gathered to grill chicken leg quarters, shoulder steak and tortillas with pico de gallo. Coolers from the nearby grocery store sat filled with soda and beer.

The hurricane block party tradition began with Hurricane Rita in 2005, when Elizondo and others stayed behind to offer mechanical help to anyone those heading out.

Well, rock on! More power to you!

"If my stuff is going to get washed away, I'm going to watch it get washed away," Norton said.

That's the spirit. I couldn't have summed up the moral any better.

Yet, that was where things started to decidedly go south (excuse the pun).

Many of them evidently realized the "mistake" too late, and pleaded with authorities in vain to save them overnight.

(Scare quotes mine.)

Some emergency officials were angry and frustrated that so many people ignored the warnings.

"When you stay behind in the face of a warning, not only do you jeopardize yourself, you put the first responders at risk as well," Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said. "Now we're going to see this play out."

Steve LeBlanc, Galveston's city manager, said: "There was a mandatory evacuation, and people didn't leave, and that is very frustrating because now we are having to deal with everybody who did not heed the order. This is why we do it, and they had enough time to get out."

Of course, anybody who stays should equip himself to be self-sufficient: food and water for several weeks, fire extinguishers, maybe an inflatable boat if you live in a single-story home on a floodplain. Nothing is as disastrous for the cause of liberty as getting picked off your roof by the same fascists you told to go fuck themselves the night before.

After all, the fascists' sophistic reasoning is that they should have the power to drag people from their homes — and murder them if need be — because otherwise they would be responsible for rescuing them during or after the hurricane, risking the "rescuers" lives. Never mind that no man can ever have a duty to save another man.

As always, the fascists are intellectually dishonest. After all, the city government of Washington, DC, went all the way to the Supreme Court to secure a ruling that cops are not responsible for protecting victims from an armed burglar, even though the government disarmed the victims in the first place, even when the cops are physically able to help and just decide they prefer to fight some donuts.

Obviously, the fascists can't have it both ways. Either they are responsible for saving civilians, or they are not.

In Surfside Beach, retired carpenter and former Marine Ray Wilkinson became something of a celebrity for a day: He was the lone resident in the town of 805 to defy the order to leave. Authorities found him Saturday morning, drunk.

"I consider myself to be stupid," Wilkinson, 67, said through a thick, tobacco-stained beard. "I'm just tired of running from these things. If it's going to get you, it's going to get you."

He added: "I didn't say I had all my marbles, OK?"

Oh yeah, man, you do, you sure do. The only reasonable thing to do in such a situation. ^5

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