Sunday, September 14, 2008

You're Cavemen, Too!

Another one for my horror file:

"Honor Killings Persist in 'Man's World' "

Looking over the comments, most of them appear pretty reasonable and enlightened, condemning the murders and calling for a harsh punishment for the criminals (death penalty in my book, BTW). At first glance, you guys and gals out there seem to be more rational and less politically correct than I would have thought.

Yet, how enlightened are you, really? Even the Western world is barely out of the Dark Ages yet.

Some decades ago people here began to acknowledge the fact that daughters aren't the property of fathers. But that's as far as it goes.

Most of you still seem to believe your spouse or your significant other is your property. You believe you are entitled to your property's, to your slave's undivided attention — and that you have a god-given right to prohibit him or her from loving, kissing, or fucking anybody else besides you. If your or your god's commandments on that matter get broken, you feel as "dishonored" and "disrespected" as those tribalist fathers.

Yes, in the Western world, we are a lot more civilized. Even the jealous control freaks among us are too civilized to bury their victims, uh, spouses alive.

They only beat them up, or their cars, or they shoot them with a shotgun, or they go for the "civilized" method of letting the government initiate the use of force in their name. Can you spell "alienation of affection lawsuit"?

Either way, every time you beat up your boyfriend's car with a baseball bat for "cheating" on you, every time you slap your girlfriend for "being a slut" sleeping with ten other guys, you're being one of those cavemen. Don't be too proud of yourselves for not burying that "errant" spouse of yours alive. That's only a very thin veneer of civilization barely covering up the same Bronze Age morality.

As always, you've been a lousy audience.

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